Since there were so many people out, there just wasn't room in 140 characters.

Kudos to @the_tiki and @the_magic_elf for being ringleaders of our merry band of social networkers. Also thanks to @bluelineclub for allowing such a churlish group into your fine establishment! Hats off to @DonAtPoundCS, @billmalott, @tamarafoc, @nenairis87, @jmkobus, @dolcedolori, @thejennyli, @mypopquizkid and her "sister" @SpecsAroundTown, and everyone I can't remember. Conspicuously absent were @BaseCase, @macewank, @dorkimoe, @MasonShow, @RemyRadio, @lina003, @Ashley_Haynes, @lablask, @ScrappinCop and even more.

Also thanks to @the_tiki and @the_magic_elf for the leg-up:

INFO: Title: Smarmy!

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17 April 2010



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