Casey twinings makes some good earl grey 21:05:34
Opie I had to subside on mostly brownish water monday and tuesday 21:06:22
Casey eww 21:06:36
Opie although airtran actually provides some decent tea in bags on the flight 21:06:45
Opie and it's staple free, because you wouldn't want someone to unfold the staple and stick someone with it 21:07:01
Casey haha 21:07:06
Casey that is a concern that i as a traveler have had 21:07:13
Opie see, me too. 21:09:19
Opie I think it comes from my background doing risk analysis for EMA which is really an extension of the department of homeland security, much like TSA 21:09:43
Opie strange, then, that two separate agencies would come up with the same idea, don't you think? 21:10:15
Casey it means the missions of both organizations are both clear and clearly understood 21:11:03
Opie Quite right! 21:11:22
Casey tip top! 21:11:30
Opie I'm posting this conversation online now 21:11:41
Casey haha ok 21:11:46

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30 April 2010


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